Saturday, September 26, 2009


Hi there!

Why is everything so complicated? I wanna study in Germany from next year on. With a scholarship. With this DAAD programme or whatever it is called. But its so f**king complicated. Have to write 7 kinds of paper, and this and that, and write email to the German University and AHHHHHHH...

Why cant they just give you a paper ...that you can download from net, like here, nice to see you, nice to know you wanna study in Germany. But nooooo.....You have to check like 5 internet pages just to find out whats the date until you can hand in your papers. Geeeeezzzz....

Stupid system stupid germans that they have to be so precise. Damn... by the way I like no offense

And you have to hand in every paper 3 times. Can you belive it? I need a paper from my marks, I need a CV, and a letter why I wanna go there, and a filled out paper with my name and pic and so on, another paper from my german language exam and two more that I dont remember. Amazing.

But if it works then HELLO GERMANY! but..yeah...thats still a long way to go.

PLZ keep your fingers crossed for me...This is just way too much stress for me...

I rather go sleeping now, thx for listening

Take care

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ĐǿЯą said...

Hey! I hope things will work out for you! People - for some reason - like overcomplicating things, but that doesn't need to discourage you. Yeah, it kind of s.cks that it's so, but this is how it works in cases like that.. one needs to put up with it.. But hey, this is just one side of it, Germany's been waiting for you!! Good luck with that!