Saturday, December 20, 2008

Black and white-Letter

Voglio vederti, fosse pure per pochi minuti. = I would like to see you, even if it's only for a few moments.

Causing pain, to hurt someone. That's the last thing that You wanna do on this planet. Though it happens. Misunderstandings, arguing, shouting. A knife in your back. Starting to realise you should open your heart. It's not easy, when your heart is full of wounds, that still bleed. Trust a new person. You would say never again. But should it stay like this forever? No. But sometimes you are just to week to do anything. Or maybe deep in you, you are afraid to make the first steps, but if someone else makes those few steps, you get afraid.

No matter what you say about love, you keep coming back. You act like a statue, but deep in you, I know there is a heart, that is beating faster and faster. I am sick of playing these games. I could admit that I am wrong. I am sorry, but I have to be strong, and move on. Nothing is broken. I loved you. You are on my heart like a tattoo. I'll always have you. You wanted passion. Sorry, but my heart is long time ago broken.

You change your mind, like a girl changes it's clothes. You are hot then you are cold, you are up, then you are down. You don't really wanna stay. You are YES then you are NO. WE used to be friends, we used to laugh, and now everything has gone wrong.

I am something else. I lost my mind a dozen times, now it won't happen. You beg for my love, but if I don't give it immediately, you shout and argue. You beg me to trust you, you say you did everything for me. You really did everything for me EXCEPT for one thing. You didn't understand me. You don't know me, but judge me by my words.

You got to save me from myself. I am sorry for everything, maybe one day you forgive me, maybe one day I forgive to myself, and to others too.

P.S. Never forget me

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