Thursday, December 11, 2008

And I wonder if you know, how it really feels...

Everybody has problems. So do I. You may ask what are girls biggest problems. Guess. That's right, boys. Always the boys. Of course I do know it's the same in the other way. Boys have always problems with girls.

How should I know if a boy is only playing with me, or does he have real feelings. With real feelings I mean ...well, I don't really know what I mean. It's just that, you think "it's like this, but it's like that". How should I know if he is really into me. Nobody can ever know. I am already 19 years old, and still naive, and try to learn from my faults. That just don't works always. When you are into someone, and think like the whole world has stopped for one moment. Just for one moment. You have the feeling you are ment to be together. But then after a while you figure it out that you are totally wrong. But than there is a bit of hope, that maybe, but only maybe you are wrong. And then everything gets worse.

You are patient, try to be nice, always smile, but deep in you you bleed, and cry. You feel lonely and try to break free. But there is no way out. You are getting this strange feeling, that you -maybe- never had before. Then you start to think: " What do I really feel deep in my heart?" Then you start to realize something awful. You are going down babe. That's right. You start to fall in love. Of course you don't want that. But the feeling got you. And this is why you wanna run away, get as far as you can. But your heart keeps holding you back, and making you ask yourself: " Does he love me too?Sure he does, he is nice. NICE. Not in love. Nice. " Cauz if he would be in love with you he would never ever tell you. You may ask why? Cauz he is proud, he is a boy. That's why.


Anonymous said...

I have to confess that I like your blogposts the most!apart from Zsombor's)You have always got something to say.Well...You should look at the world from the other side of the mirror...What makes you think that he is the proud here and not you?love-confession=curse of the boys.Why?Why can't it work vice and versa?I suggest you Andi tell this guy what you gotta' say plain and simple."Dare and do!"

Andika said...

:) Well, I am always happy when you comment my blog. You got always great ideas. So nice of you. And you are wise :)
By the way, I like your blog spot too, you don"t write often, but I like it :)
Hope we'll have joint sessions together again, next semester.

Sam said...

yes, the hardest problem... how do you know if the one who you love with or feel something about, feeling the same as you? So, should you tell it to her? And what if she think about you "just" as a friend? So you are not sure what does she think about you -a friend? Or a little bit more?- You just try to pay attention to her behaviour and always have more than one way to define her attitude. Anyway,whatever is the situation, you believe, "that you have a chance" so you wont tell it to her because you fear that this last chance will be disappear. May be that's why the boys don't inchoate?