Friday, November 28, 2008

Memories by prince Arthas

Many many years ago, on a grey autumn day, when the sky was full of dark clouds, I began with my journey. I had no idea where to go, but my hearth was calling me, like nothing before.

I took my things and rode a horse. After a few days, I found what I was looking for.

A black castle, on a high hill, next to a lake. I went there with a haste. The castle was old, and cold, it had high walls, and nothing nice, that could make you feel comfortable.

I stood in front of the huge door, and wanted to rap on. Before I had my chance, the door opened by itself. I was like WOW, what the hell is going on!?

I opened my eyes wide, I wish I wouldn't have been in such a fright. My hands were shaking, my hearth beat fast, but I know I had to make the first step. Inside the castle it was dark, and only a few candles gave some light. I took one in my hand, and then I was frightened by myself. You ask why? Because a question appeared in my mind. This is a castle, thousand years old, there is nothing here, not even a soul. But then who lit the light? I asked a question in my mind. I walked through the corridor, and I felt the sorrow in the walls. There was something strange, that I couldn't explain.

I found a staircase, I know I had to go that way. I found a window, and I saw that outside the wind blow. A storm was coming, there was lightning. I felt that my quest was near, I just didn't have to be afraid.

I walked alone, on this cold corridor. I didn't even really know where to go. Then I saw this room, where somebody stood. She was looking out the window, like an old, sad widow. She wore a black coat, which came down all the way to the floor. She turned around, dropped her coat, and then I saw something incredible.

She had wings, like birds, and a smile like no girl. She was beautiful. She was a seraph. As I looked in her eyes, I started to realize. She was my angel, the one who belongs to me. My only guardian, who protects me. From that moment I knew, I had nothing to lose. I found what I was looking for. I got back my true soul.

Do you have an angel too? I know I do .


Anonymous said...

Prince Arthas...sounds like a hero of some king of fantasy role playing game.Also the scenery you depicted and the characters remind me to fairy tale, with evil witches, dragons, beautiful princess and brave knights.I liked this one Andi, you broke up with the prevailing "I talk about myself" shit, which seemed to be dominating the whole take-off blog.Sometimes I feel that I have a guardian angel too.

Andika said...

:) Thanks a lot. Prince Arthas was a name of a hero, in World of Warcraft. He was my favourite character. But the story was made up by myself .

Nóry said...

Such a nice story :) I'm sure we all have a guardian angel ;)

Dóry8-))) said...

I believe in Angels too. 8-)

Once, One of my Friends met a little boy, who is said to be able to see Angels around people.
According to this little boy people usually have 2 guardian Angels the same time. 8-)
Anyway, we'll never know how many Angels do we have, until we meet them. ;-)

Have a Nice Evening! 8-)

Sam said...

It's not an average short story, and I like it very much:) Will it be the entry of the week?? I think it will be...:)

Zsombor said...

Yes, it might be true and we all have our own angels. But I think they don't live in ancient castles. But there is one thing that I'm sure of: we mustn't tell anybody anything of our angels, otherwise they would disappear. I also have a question: do we choose our angels, or are we the choosen ones by them?

Andika said...

When we come to this world, young and hopeless, our angel is already with us. It is hard to decide. Anyway, it is an interesting question.