Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Bee Hive


Another week has passed by. It is already April. Time is running. Faster then before. Only one more month left, and we have to began to prepare for the exams. Another semester ends. After the hard exams we can relax again for a few months. Studying, relaxing, studying, relax. Finish one school after another. Living from day to day. Studying and then working till the end of our life.

Is this really our destiny? Working like busy bees. Never stopping always doing something. Everybody has it's own job here on earth.

We are the little things and the little things make up the big things. But we have done something very bad. We destroyed our environment. Well, not yet. Not totally. I have to admit that I believe in supernatural forces. I believe that our Earth is a breathing living thing. I believe Nature lives, and it controls our planet. And this year, this autumn- some people say-that our poor home will take it's revenge. I don't wanna scare you I don't wanna tell you what did they say. But we still have a chance to save our home. We still can do something. It's never too late.

Maybe after this blog you think I am a bit silly, or crazy, I don't care. I just shared my opinion with you.

Take care


Kiki (formerly: Chris) said...

Of course you're not silly, because that's your own opinion! There are people who don't even have one, so it's a good start! ;) 'There are no silly opinions, just different ones.' (Myself) :)

Nóry said...
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Nóry said...

I agree with Kiki :D If you want to share your thoughts go ahead and don't care about what others say! Anyway that's a big problem nowadays and I think it needs more attention.

Andika said...

Thanks a lot :) I feel more comfortable now