Sunday, March 15, 2009


Isn't he the cutest vampire ever? In my opinion yes. You can read his and Bella's story in the book Twilight.

The book Twilight was written by Stephenie Meyer. It is mainly about a vampire who fells in love with a human girl, named Bella. The story is absolutely great. I saw the film 2 months ago, and now I read the book. The book is 1000 times better, you can believe me. Still at first watch the movie didn't really fascinate me, but after I read the whole book, I got a whole new perspective about this world.

While I was reading the book, and Bella fell in love with Edward/ vampire/ I felt like falling in love with him too. I know it's absolutely ridiculous, but I just had this very strong feeling, like I would be the main char. This book is a compulsive reading, also a good bedtime reading.

Amazingly good story with drama, fighting, love and romance. I am sure that I will read this book again, after I read the other 3 parts :) On Monday I will go to a bookshop, and buy the 2nd part titled New Moon. In that story probably the werewolves will appear too.

Have a nice weekend, hope you enjoyed my little blog!


Joe said...

Sounds like a novel (a full series?) to be excited about. Happy reading!

Kati said...

I love Twighlight. Did you hear about the movie's soundtrack? It's amazing. You can find it on I hope you will enjoy it.