Saturday, October 18, 2008



It's Saturday. I should enjoy my weekend, and think on the fall break. To tell you the truth nothing interesting happened, and I got bored.
One day I got some thoughts. I was sitting out side, and watching as the leaves fall down. Pink, red, brown. Cold wind blows, and the clouds pass by fast on the sky. It's getting colder, and colder with everyday, and you start to think, or at least me.
When you just think about the past, and try to imagine the future. It gives you a good feeling. Just to sit down, and relax. Luckily I live in the suburb where cars rarely pass by. At nights there is only a little light. You can sit outside, and watch the stars.
I remember when in summer I couldn't sleep , and I set in my window, and gazed the stars. It was 3 o'clock in the morning, and I saw a falling star, not just one, but like 5 . It was amazing. I haven't seen them in ages. At that moment, I began to wonder. Was I really so busy, to not pay attention to such small things? Am I really so busy, that I can't stop for one moment and enjoy the small things in life? No, I don't think so. It's just that sometimes I forget the beautiful things in life. Like everybody does that once in a while. Don't you think so?

Like for example. When was the last time when a puppy licked your hand? When was the last time when you gave a big hug to your parents, or to a friend? Do you still remember what's it like to ride a bicycle? To laugh so hard that your face hurts?

Amazing, there were so many things that I did as a child, and now days I seem to forget it. I am a bit mixed up, so I will sleep before things get worse in my head. :)

Have a nice night, take care.


Joe said...

Tell us, Andi, when was the last time a puppy licked your hand? Like doggies?

Hope the rest of the break will be as eventful as you would like it to be.

Sziszi said...

Maybe I'm a lucky person because i still have time to pay attention such a small things you mentioned. If you really wanted to have time to do such things you will have time-depends on your decision!

Sam said...

This entry reminds me another story, which try to refers that we should pay attention to the small things too. I think its worthy to read it once...
Anyway, i like this topic very much, and i hope your break is enjoyable;)


Anonymous said...

Bushido, the way of the warrior.The Samurai etiquette.:)
No kidding!Meditation, calming your mind, not thinking of anything, just "existing" and listening to the small beauties of life, letting them reach you will help you to reach harmony and perfection.You can gain tremendous energy from this.The Samuraies used to shoot with a bow, archery was a method of meditation.

K said...

Meditation? I can't imagine that I empty my mind. I think I'd feel lost without my thoughts. :)
Anyway, if you feel like doing those things you mentioned, why don't you do them again? You always need to have time for being happy. And if that's the way to it, do it! :D