Saturday, September 20, 2008

last week

Hm...another week has passed by...nothing interesting happened. Mainly this is the reason why I didn't write in my blog. The days in school were nice. Met some new people, maybe they will become my friends in the future. Who knows? !

On Tuesday we went to a party with some of my friends. It was awesome. We danced a lot, had some fun, and then went back to our apartments. Slept like 4 hours, cauz next day there was school first lesson started at 8 ..oh my...its so early for me :) and it was an English lesson...ahh..had to pay much attention...I often didn't know what were we speaking about.

But the weather was awful...always raining...somewhere heavy rain, somewhere lighter rain...cold wind ...ahh...and the worst thing: I left my autumn jackets at home. Great ...I had only a warm sweater...luckily one of my classmates lent me one of her jackets . I still cant believe it , that's its the 20th of September and its 8 degrees. I remember last year was like 20 degrees for sure. I wore a t-shirt, and short jeans. Its amazing. Now days I have to wear long jeans, sweater, scarf . I would like to go back in time. To feel the summer sunshine. Eat ice cream , drink cold cocktails, sleep the whole day, and not worrying about being lazy. Good old summer time .

I don't like it when its bad weather. Specially when its raining. If it's cold, then it should be winter. :) I like winter very much. There is nothing better than building a snowman :)

well, I am getting I decided to sleep :) have a nice night everyone , take care ...

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mady said...

Good evening from Greece-Leonidio. The nice blog